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The Pipero Team: the strenght of our restaurant in the center of Rome

The strength of our restaurant in the centre of Rome is the team. A solid and cohesive team in which everyone carries out their task with a single objective: to leave an indelible memory with all our guests.

It is thanks to our team that the Pipero restaurant has earned the coveted Michelin star, a great award for a chef and his restaurant.

The Pipero Team: the strenght of our restaurant in the center of Rome.

Alessandro Pipero


Alessandro is a multi-faceted figure: maitre, sommelier, host, he is the ideal prototype of the modern restaurant owner, who takes care of the management of Pipero in every respect.

Thanks to his indomitable ambition, his cordiality and prfessionalism and his desire to give space to young people of great talent, he is considered one of the reference figures of Italian catering.

The Hall and the Team are coordinated every day by his mastery, wich aims at perfection and macimum customer care.

He is currently part of the “Noi di sala” project, aimed at promoting and enhancing the art of hospitality and service.

At Pipero there is only the best.


Ciro Scamardella


Ciro Scamardella’s cuisine is a volcano of flavours and emotions, in which each dish presents a reminder of classic recipes studied in a more modern key and made with contemporary techniques. A fascinating journey, which reflects seasonality and territory and which expresses a fun and never banal approach to cooking.

In the dish I look for balance always combined with emotion.


Achille Sardiello

Chef Sommelier & Restaurant Manager

Refinement, style and visual memory, this is Achille. A skilled man in the dining room, as well as an expert sommelier, who knows the trade like few others and leads the team with stubbornness and passion.

I always check the details, sometimes even a simple smile can make a difference.


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