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Tasting menu: 3, 6 or 8 courses

Pipero’s tasting menus are emotional and sensory journeys that respect seasonality and territory, expressing a refined, entertaining and never banal approach to cuisine. A fascinating and amazing journey divided into 3, 6 or 8 courses, conceived and created by Chef Ciro Scamardella.

Tasting menù

Tasting Menu

Tasting menu 3 courses
€ 100,00

Tasting menu 6 courses
€ 140,00

Tasting menu 8 courses
€ 160,00

Selection of accompanying wine by the glass
€ 70,00

Impepata of Mussels and Black Pepper

Beef Tartare Almonds and Sorrel

"Naples - Japan" Chawanmushi and Beef Nerves

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Our menus are designed to meet the most diverse needs of our customers. You can therefore choose what you prefer from three different fixed menus. Below you will find the details of the various choice options available.