Alessandro Pipero



Alessandro Pipero is one of the best and most renowned figures in the Italian cooking scenario.
He is a successful maître and a sommelier and, since 2017, he has been leading the Restaurant having his name Pipero Roma. This restaurant is considered one of the pillars of the Italian gourmet cuisine both for the great expertise of the host and for the exceptional kitchen brigade working there.
From 2002 to 2007, Pipero was the sommelier of the restaurant “Antonello Colonna” in Labico/Rome and in 2005 he was awarded as the “Best Sommelier in Italy” according to l’Espresso Guide. In 2007, Pipero decided to open a restaurant in Albano Laziale/Rome, which will be the first bearing his name. His restaurant boasts high standards and future starred chefs and, for this reason, Alessandro can be considered a sort of “talent scout” but also an adventurer and, as the web magazine “Scatti di Gusto” described him, “ the ideal prototype of the modern restaurant owner” because of his indomitable ambition, friendliness and his desire to give way to young talented people.
In Albano Laziale, Pipero formed the kitchen brigade that will lead to Rome in October 2011, in the historic Hotel Rex. The chef is the young Luciano Monosilio. After five years of close collaboration with Monosilio and Sardiello and the numerous results achieved, such as the first Michelin star, Alessandro took the opportunity given by Edoardo Narduzzi and moved to a new “home”, the restaurant Pipero Roma where he will enhance his project of gastronomic restaurant.
In addition, Pipero is currently leading the project “Noi di sala” aimed at promoting the role played by the waiter in haute cuisine. This project has been welcomed by the most famous restaurants in Rome.

Ciro Scamardella



Almost 30, Ciro Scamardella - already on Gambero Rosso Channel– has so many experiences to tell. At first the cooking school, the hours of laboratory and the stage at the City of taste in Naples where he began to tutor the classrooms, the Feudi di San Gregorio, where he stayed for more than a year, and still internship with the famous italian chef Cannavacciuolo, then the experience in Capri with Gennaro Esposito, the dream that takes place in the kitchen of Martin Berasategui, 9 months alongside Anthony Genovese and then a much longer partnership with Roy Caceres at Metamorfosi restaurant.
Partnership that lasts until July 2018, when Ciro takes the reins - this time as first chef for the first time in his life - of the kitchen of Pipero. From Pipero he will be able to express himself even more freely.

Achille Sardiello



He is a unique person, a real pro and a “silent” man.
His CV is full of starred restaurants. He is Alessandro’s “right-hand man” and he is well-known by his colleagues and customers for his elegance, style and a good visual memory. He is a man who knows his business and he is also a brilliant sommelier.
Born in the Eighties, he is the key to the success of Pipero and his restaurant...he loves studying and growing the land.


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